Travis Cannon - Author

An Author of Fiction

Currently I am working on the first book in a high fantasy series, which I call "The Fog and Smoke Saga." A man awakes in a strange and unknown land. A land of beauty. A land of wonder. A land in peril. As he seeks to discover where he is and who he is, he reluctantly picks up a quest to save the world... and the woman he loves.

Other works on the docket include a science fiction epic called "The Jesat Chronicles" which depicts a society resembling that of the Roman Empire living in space throughout a vast universe. Political intrigue and conflicts for dominance within an empire that is strung to far brings about the beginning of a struggle between freedom and tyranny. 

Novels In the Works


  1. The Sage's Tower (in editing)
  2. The Tomb Of Life (in progress)
  3. The Trident of Power
  4. Untitled Conclusion
  1. An Empire Far Strong (in hiatus)
  2. False Jesat
  3. Rise of the Jesat
  4. The Fall
  5. The Restored Republic
  6. Jesat Child